Fluid Machinery KTU, Reciprocating Pumps, Discharge, Negative Slip, Work done, Indicator diagram, Acceleration head, head loss in friction, Max. Speed

Reciprocating Pump Basics made simple for Engineering Students. This playlist includes Nineteen short Lectures on Reciprocating Pumps, delivered as part of the FLUID MACHINERY KTU COURSE from the B.Tech Second year Mechanical Engineering Curriculum of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (formerly KTU), Kerala. The Main Objective of this lecture series is to provide the students with the fundamental knowledge on the Constructional Features and Working of Reciprocating Pumps, Expression for Discharge, Work required to drive the pump, Slip, Negative Slip, Ideal and Actual Indicator Diagram, Pressure head due to Acceleration of liquid in Suction and Delivery pipes, Head loss due to Friction in Suction and Delivery pipes, Air vessels and its functions, Work Saved against friction by using Air Vessels, Maximum Speed to operate a Reciprocating Pump to avoid Separation and Cavitation.

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