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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is a subject that deals with the design and implementation of integrated circuits (ICs). It is a crucial subject for electronics and communication engineering students as it forms the foundation of modern-day electronics. The subject is taught in the seventh semester of the B.Tech program at KTU, Kerala. The course is divided into six modules, each covering a specific aspect of VLSI design. The modules include Module 1: Introduction to VLSI Design, Module 2: MOS Transistor Theory and CMOS Logic, Module 3: Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation, Module 4: Combinational Circuit Design, Module 5: Sequential Circuit Design, and Module 6: Memory and Array Design.

In addition to the modules, the course also includes solved problems and class notes for each module. These notes are designed to help students understand the concepts better and prepare for exams. The notes are available for download on ktunotes.net, a website that provides study materials for various courses offered by KTU.

The 2019 scheme of the VLSI course at KTU covers a wide range of topics, including analog circuits, analog electronics, and digital electronics. Students will learn about the different types of ICs, their design, and the various tools and techniques used in VLSI design. The course also covers topics such as computer-aided design (CAD), layout design, and testing of ICs


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