KTU Switching Theory and Logic Design Notes

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023
KTU Switching Theory and Logic Design Notes

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Switching Theory and Logic Design is a subject offered by the Kerala Technological University (KTU) in the third semester of various engineering courses. The subject deals with the fundamental concepts of digital electronics and logic design. It covers topics such as number systems, Boolean algebra, logic gates, Karnaugh maps, combinational and sequential circuits, and memory devices. The subject is essential for students pursuing courses in electronics and communication, computer science, and electrical engineering.

KTU Switching Theory and Logic Design course is divided into six modules, and each module covers specific topics. The first module deals with the basics of digital electronics, including number systems, binary codes, and Boolean algebra. The second module covers Karnaugh maps, which are used to simplify Boolean expressions. The third module deals with logic gates and their applications. The fourth module covers combinational circuits, such as adders, subtractors, and multiplexers. The fifth module deals with sequential circuits, including flip-flops and registers. The final module covers memory devices, such as RAM and ROM.

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