KTU Soft Computing (Elective) Notes

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023
KTU Soft Computing (Elective) Notes

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Soft Computing is an elective subject offered to students of Kerala Technical University (KTU) in their seventh semester. The subject deals with the study of artificial intelligence techniques that are used to solve complex problems. Soft Computing is a combination of various techniques such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. The subject aims to provide students with an understanding of the principles and applications of these techniques in solving real-world problems. The syllabus of the subject includes modules such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, and Hybrid Systems.

One of the recommended textbooks for the Artificial Neural Networks module is available for download on ktunotes.net. The textbook provides students with an in-depth understanding of the principles and applications of artificial neural networks. The book covers topics such as the structure and function of neurons, supervised and unsupervised learning, and backpropagation algorithms. The Engineering Applications of Fuzzy Logic textbook is another recommended resource for KTU students. The book covers topics such as fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy reasoning, and fuzzy control systems.

KTU is known for its rigorous academic standards, and the Soft Computing subject is no exception. Students are expected to have a good understanding of mathematics, programming, and computer science. The subject is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to solve complex problems using soft computing techniques. The modules covered in the subject are relevant to various fields such as engineering, finance, and healthcare


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