KTU Optimization Techniques (Elective) Notes

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023
KTU Optimization Techniques (Elective) Notes

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Optimization Techniques is an elective subject offered by Kerala Technical University (KTU) for students pursuing their undergraduate degree in engineering. The subject is covered in the seventh semester of the 2019 scheme and is divided into six modules. The syllabus of the subject includes topics such as linear programming, network analysis, dynamic programming, game theory, and non-linear programming.

Module 1 of the subject covers linear programming and its applications in real-world scenarios. Students will learn about the simplex method, duality, transportation and assignment problems, and sensitivity analysis. Module 2 focuses on network analysis and covers topics such as shortest path algorithms, maximum flow problems, and minimum spanning trees.

Dynamic programming is the topic covered in Module 3, where students will learn about the Bellman-Ford algorithm, Floyd-Warshall algorithm, and the Knapsack problem. Game theory is the subject of Module 4, where students will learn about the different types of games, Nash equilibrium, and the minimax theorem.

Module 5 covers non-linear programming and its applications in optimization problems. Students will learn about the Kuhn-Tucker conditions, convex optimization, and the Lagrange multiplier method. The final module, Module 6, covers metaheuristics, which includes topics such as simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and particle swarm optimization.

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