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Operations Research is a subject that deals with the application of mathematical methods to optimize complex systems. It is a part of the engineering curriculum offered by KTU, Kerala, and is included in the 2019 scheme. The subject is divided into six modules, namely Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 5, Module 6, and Module 7. Each module covers a specific aspect of Operations Research, such as linear programming, network analysis, queuing theory, decision theory, and game theory.

In Module 1, students learn about the basics of Operations Research, including its history, scope, and applications. They also study the different types of models used in Operations Research, such as deterministic and stochastic models. Module 2 focuses on linear programming, which is a mathematical technique used to optimize a linear objective function subject to linear constraints. Students learn about the simplex method, duality, and sensitivity analysis in this module.

Module 3 covers network analysis, which is a technique used to model and optimize complex systems with interconnected components. Students learn about different types of networks, such as transportation, assignment, and shortest path networks. They also study algorithms for finding the shortest path, maximum flow, and minimum cost flow in a network.

Module 5 covers decision theory, which is a technique used to make optimal decisions in situations of uncertainty. Students learn about decision trees, expected value, and utility theory in this module


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