KTU High Performance Computing (Elective) Notes

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023
KTU High Performance Computing (Elective) Notes

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High Performance Computing is an elective subject offered by KTU, Kerala for students pursuing their undergraduate degree in engineering. The subject is taught in the seventh semester, and the syllabus for the subject is based on the 2019 schema. The subject covers various aspects of high-performance computing, including parallel computing, distributed computing, and cloud computing. Students will learn about the different architectures used in high-performance computing, such as shared memory, distributed memory, and hybrid memory. The subject also covers various programming models used in high-performance computing, such as OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA.

One of the best resources for students studying High Performance Computing at KTU is the KTU High Performing Computing Lecture Note- Full Notes PDF. This comprehensive set of notes covers all the modules taught in the subject and provides students with an in-depth understanding of the subject. The notes cover topics such as parallel programming, distributed computing, cloud computing, and high-performance computing architectures. The notes also include numerous examples and exercises that help students understand the concepts better.

To download KTU notes for High Performance Computing, students can visit the website ktunotes.net. The website provides students with access to a wide range of notes for various subjects taught at KTU. Students can download notes for subjects such as OS, VLSI, QSV, Analog Circuits, Analog Electronics, AI, BME, Biomedical Engineering, and many more


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