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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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Engineering Geology is an essential subject for students pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. The subject deals with the study of geological principles and their application in engineering projects. KTU, Kerala, offers Engineering Geology as a core subject for students in their seventh semester. The subject is divided into six modules, covering topics such as rock mechanics, soil mechanics, geological hazards, and site investigation. The 2019 scheme of the subject includes a comprehensive study of the principles of geology and their application in civil engineering projects.

Module 1 of Engineering Geology covers the basics of geology, including the study of rocks, minerals, and geological structures. Module 2 focuses on soil mechanics, including soil classification, soil properties, and soil testing. Module 3 covers rock mechanics, including the study of rock properties, rock mass classification, and rock testing. Module 4 deals with geological hazards, including landslides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Module 5 covers site investigation techniques, including geophysical methods, drilling, and sampling. Finally, Module 6 covers the application of engineering geology principles in civil engineering projects, including foundation design, slope stability analysis, and tunneling.

Students who take Engineering Geology will learn how to apply geological principles in civil engineering projects, including site investigation, foundation design, and slope stability analysis. They will also learn about geological hazards and how to mitigate them


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