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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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DC Machines and Transformers is a subject offered to students in their seventh semester at KTU, Kerala. The subject is a part of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering course and covers a range of topics related to DC machines and transformers. The syllabus of the subject is divided into six modules, each covering a different aspect of the subject. In Module 1, students learn about the construction and working of DC machines, while Module 2 covers the various types of DC machines and their characteristics. Module 3 deals with the testing and performance analysis of DC machines, and Module 4 focuses on transformers, their construction, and working. In Module 5, students learn about the various types of transformers and their applications, while Module 6 covers the testing and performance analysis of transformers.

The subject of DC Machines and Transformers is an important one for students pursuing a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The knowledge gained from this subject is essential for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of electrical engineering. The subject covers a range of topics that are relevant to the industry, and students who complete the course will have a good understanding of the construction, working, and performance analysis of DC machines and transformers.

To help students prepare for the subject, KTU has provided study materials in the form of KTU notes. These notes are available for download on the KTU website and cover the entire syllabus of the subject


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