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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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Data Structures is a crucial subject for students pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. It is a part of the curriculum for the seventh semester of the 2019 scheme at KTU, Kerala. The subject deals with the study of data organization, storage, and retrieval methods in a computer program. It involves the use of algorithms and data structures to solve complex problems efficiently. The subject is divided into six modules, each covering a different aspect of data structures.

Module 1 introduces the basics of data structures, including arrays, linked lists, and stacks. Module 2 covers trees and graphs, while Module 3 focuses on sorting and searching algorithms. Module 4 deals with dynamic programming and greedy algorithms, and Module 5 covers hashing and priority queues. Finally, Module 6 introduces students to advanced topics such as string matching algorithms and computational geometry.

Through the study of data structures, students learn to design efficient algorithms and optimize the performance of computer programs. They also gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer science, such as recursion, abstraction, and problem-solving. The subject is essential for students who wish to pursue a career in software development, data analysis, or machine learning.

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