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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

Select your KTU B.Tech CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Notes from the following list of modules.

Construction Technology is an essential subject for students pursuing a degree in civil engineering. It is a part of the curriculum at Kerala Technical University (KTU) and is taught in the seventh semester. The subject covers a wide range of topics related to construction, including the principles of construction, construction materials, construction methods, and construction management. The syllabus is divided into six modules, each covering a specific aspect of construction technology.

Module 1 covers the basic principles of construction, including the types of construction, the properties of construction materials, and the various methods of construction. Module 2 focuses on the different types of construction materials, including concrete, steel, timber, and masonry. Students will learn about the properties of these materials, their advantages and disadvantages, and their applications in construction.

Module 3 covers the various methods of construction, including traditional methods, modern methods, and prefabrication. Students will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each method and their applications in different types of construction projects. Module 4 focuses on construction management, including project planning, scheduling, and cost estimation. Students will learn about the different stages of a construction project and the various tools and techniques used in project management.

Module 5 covers the safety aspects of construction, including the hazards associated with construction work and the measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of workers. Students will learn about the different safety regulations and standards that govern construction work and the importance of following these regulations


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