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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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Computer Organization is a subject that is taught in the seventh semester of the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program at Kerala Technical University (KTU). The subject is a part of the 2019 scheme and covers a wide range of topics related to the design and implementation of computer systems. The syllabus is divided into six modules, each covering a different aspect of computer organization. In Module 1, students learn about the basic concepts of computer organization and architecture. Module 2 covers the design of the central processing unit (CPU), while Module 3 focuses on memory systems. Module 4 deals with input/output (I/O) systems, and Module 5 covers the basics of computer networks. Finally, Module 6 introduces students to the concept of parallel processing.

KTU Notes is a website that provides study materials and notes for students of KTU. Students can download KTU Notes for Computer Organization from the website to supplement their classroom learning. The notes cover all six modules of the syllabus and provide a comprehensive overview of the subject. The notes are written in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for students to understand even the most complex topics.

One of the key benefits of using KTU Notes is that it allows students to study at their own pace. They can access the notes anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for them to study even when they are on the go


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