KTU Semester Vise CGPA Average

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KTU Semester Vise CGPA Average


Enter cgpa of each semester and get the average ktu cgpa. You can take the first two decimal places as your average cgpa value. You can leave the cgpa of unpublished semesters empty.

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What is the grading system followed by KTU?

KTU follows grading system for awarding grades and grade points to students as followed in most of the Universities. It follows 10 point grade scale. SGPA and CGPA are calculated as the weighted average of grade point multiplied by the credits for the courses.

How is KTU average CGPA calculated?

If there are 'n' semesters whose results are available, we take the sum of cgpa of n semesters and divide by 'n'. Thus we can calculate your average cgpa.

How to convert ktu cgpa to percentage?

You can use our cgpa to percentage calculator. Alternatively the Academic committee has approved an approximate formula for conversion of SGPA/CGPA to % marks as follows.
The Percentage Marks (% Marks) = 10xG - 3.75, Where G is SGPA or CGPA

What courses are offered by KTU?

KTU offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various fields of engineering, technology, management, and architecture.
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